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Executive Saloon



MPV Plus

Mini Bus

4 persons

2 suitcases

4 persons

2 suitcases

5 persons

5 suitcases

4 persons

4 suitcases

7 persons

8 suitcases

8 persons

8 suitcases

Choose the date of your journey and a pickup time of departing or landing time of arriving by clicking in the relevant box and choosing from the pop-up that appears. Make sure to allow enough time to reach the airport at the required time.

Then select your pickup and drop off locations from the lists.

Next, select your preferred vehicle type, each vehicle has a limit on the number of passengers and suitcases that can be accommodated.

Select your payment method (some payment methods may incur a surcharge).

Select if you require any Baby or Booster seats; these are compulsory for young children. (Babies up to 3 years require a baby seat, Children up to 12 years or less than 135 cm tall require a booster seat.)

Please choose the right car for the right number of passengers and luggage. In order to get it right, please refer back to the front page of our website and follow the guideline as mentioned on the car pictures. Or, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0207 247 9533 to get better understanding, and we will be glad to help you make the right choice.

Nextstop Cars provides services for the better arrangement to collect you from anywhere in the UK and take you to anywhere else in the UK.  If you cannot find the route you require in the Instant Quote facility, please contact us here and we will get back to you quickly with a personalised quote for you.

Select your journey and additional options
Note on number of passengers

If you select more passengers than the chosen vehicle can accommodate, the system will automatically calculate your quote based on the number of vehicles of the chosen type required to accommodate all of the passengers.

For example: You select a vehicle type Saloon (max 4 passengers) and 7 passengers. The system will calculate your quote based on 2 vehicles (the minimum number required to accommodate all 7 passengers).

You can see how many passengers and suitcases each type of vehicle can accommodate in the range of vehicles section below.

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